What are the solutions for Apple’s limitations?

Apple is the most stable and secure mobile operating system among the other mobile operating systems in the world. Apple always considers the security of iPhone users. So they have added more limitations and restrictions for iPhones.

Apple's limitations

But this is not always good. Sometimes those limitations make troubles to users. Most of the users face problems when downloading apps from the App store. Apple has added higher restrictions for the App Store and provides only authorized apps by Apple. And most of the apps are paid. Users have to pay to get their favorite apps.
As a solution to that problem, some developers and hackers have made a method name iPhone jailbreak. iPhone jailbreak is the most common way to break Apple’s limitations. By jailbreaking their iPhones, users can install and use unauthorized apps. And it allows installing apps that not available in the App store.

But every user doesn’t like to jailbreak their iPhones. They like to experience real iOS features but without limitations. So users finding third-party apps to install without jailbreaking their devices.

Nowadays there are more third-party apps and app stores in the market. Most of them are too costly. Are there any solutions?
Yes. Yiti app has a solution to this problem.

Yiti app is a third-party app store. You can download a bundle of apps with a large number of categories. You do not need to waste your time to scroll down the App store for expensive apps. It also can easily download apps without App store restrictions. The main thing is you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone.
The Yiti app is totally free. You can get a pro version with more apps by spending a few dollars.

You only have to do is visit Yiti app’s official website and click the download button. Enjoy Yiti !!