How to get iOS paid apps for free

iPhone users are the most exciting people among smartphone users. So every day they are looking for new trends. To experience these trends they have to install various kinds of apps from the App store.
But this is not so easy every time, because of Apple’s restrictions and App Store limitations. Users have to spend more dollars on one app. Every user can’t bear these expenses.
To resolve this problem most developers and hackers have created hacked apps and jailbreak app stores for a few dollars or totally free for users. This solution is good for iOS jailbreak lovers. But every user doesn’t like to jailbreak their iPhone.

So is there any solution to these problems? Yes. Yiti apps resolve this solution.

What is Yiti?

Yiti - iOS paid apps for free

Yiti is an iOS app store. This app contains more than 100 paid apps for free. The most important thing is you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone.
You do not want to worry about if you are a game lover or a music lover. Yiti apps included more interesting categories.
Here are the categories of Yiti.

  1. 1. Utilities
  2. 2. Productive
  3. 3. Music
  4. 4. Games
  5. 5. Entertainment
  6. 6. Business
  7. 7. Health and Fitness
  8. 8. Travel
  9. 9. Photo and Video
  10. 10. Reference
  11. 11. Education
  12. 12. Food and Drink

How to get Yiti?

That is so easy. You only need to visit our Yiti Apps official website and click the download button under the price tab.

Note: (You can get a Pro version of Yiti by spending a few dollars)